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Transformation Is Natural

Blue Butterfly

We are a holistic practice and believe in taking a whole-person approach to healing- incorporating care for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. 

Our practitioners are here to serve as collaborative partners in your personal journey. We are here to share our knowledge, skills, wisdom, and company as you move through life’s challenges and step fully into your power and aliveness. We believe that freedom and well-being is the birthright and natural state of every human being and we are grateful to have the privilege of supporting you as you step up to claim and embody what is rightfully yours. 

At Inner Alchemy, we believe that well-being is for everybody. We believe that our differences are what makes our world so multidimensional and beautiful. We welcome clients of all races, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, marital statuses, relationship structures, religious affiliations, political parties, neurodiversity, and socioeconomic statuses.

We think unique, quirky, and weird are labels to celebrate and love working with clients who don’t consider themselves to be “normal”. Many of our clientele consider themselves to be intuitives, creatives, empaths, or highly sensitive people. We are an LGBTQIA+ affirming practice. We are affirming of non-traditional as well as traditional relationship structures. We are affirming of our clients spiritual practices and experiences and do not believe in pathologizing metaphysical experience.

In essence, we are here to offer a compassionate space to assist you in reclaiming your well-being and loving yourself fully.

Location Information

We are currently a virtual practice offering tele-health services via a HIPAA compliant software program. We are located in Baltimore, Maryland.

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