Rachel Sheffel,LCPC
Creatrix, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Registered Massage Practitioner, Reiki Master

About Rachel:



I am a lover of learning- I am always in the midst of reading several books at once and working on at least 2 craft projects. I love art, cooking, spending time in nature, gardening, writing, and enthusiastically dancing to my favorite tunes. I identify as a queer woman and my pronouns are she/hers. I am passionate about approaching all work that I do from a place of authenticity and through an anti-oppressive lens. My ancestral roots as a Jewish and Choctaw woman inform my passion and commitment to empowering marginalized peoples and working toward inspiring greater empathy and unity in our world.  I  personally identify as neurodivergent, an empath, a creative and an intuitive and believe that these gifts enrich my life as well as the therapeutic work that I do. I am a solo parent of an incredible kiddo, a very fluffy cat, and a menagerie of spoiled plant babies. 



I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and received my masters degree in counseling psychology from Johns Hopkins University in 2015. Some of my therapy speciality areas include working with people who identify as empaths, highly sensitive people, and/or intuitive. I love working with clients who are creative and who think “outside of the box”. My therapy approach is person-centered, empowerment based, transpersonal, and eclectic. I love to incorporate meditation, mindfulness, movement, humor, creativity, and expression into therapy. Many of my clients come to me for help with anxiety, depression, ADHD, relationship issues, identity issues, a desire to set better boundaries, recovering from trauma, and for help navigating life changes and transitions. 


I am a Registered Massage Practitioner (RMP) and completed my massage therapy training in 2011 at the National Holistic Institute. I have been practicing energy work for over 10 years and am an Usui Reiki Master.

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Hana Ephraim, LCSW-C
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

About Hana:


Hana is a Clinical Licensed Social Worker (LCSW-C) and earned her Master's degree of Social Work from Salisbury University in 2015. She has extensive therapeutic experience working with children, adolescents, families and adults in a variety of settings including, public schools, pediatric offices, community sites and homes in the Maryland area. She has provided psychotherapy services to clients experiencing wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, grief, family conflict, relationship issues, self-esteem and trauma; utilizing her keen senses of empathy and interpersonal communication skills to build strong rapport with each client and  formulate a tailored therapeutic approach to address their unique needs. 


Hana grew up in Ethiopia, where she experienced and witnessed poverty, deep pain, suffering and struggling that inspired her to pursue social work. She places distinct emphasis on holistic, integral, and humanistic approach to guide her practice. Hana’s approach to therapy integrates traditional talk therapy modalities with teaching mindfulness techniques, skills, and cultivating self-knowledge and self-expression with the intention of assisting clients to become attuned to their own healing capacity.


In her free time, Hana loves spending time outdoors and learning from the wisdom and cycles of nature. She enjoys reading, connecting with others, art, and especially pottery- which she credits for being her go-to activity for developing mindfulness and exploring sensory engagement as a way to cultivate presence, grounding, centeredness, and playfulness. According to Hana,  "unless you are actually connected with the clay you will not be able to make a pot", and she believes this is similarly true for the process of therapy.